Spanish Language Consultants,LLC



​     SLC is proud to be able to give to your agency whatever it needs.  There is no standard rigid format taught.  Flexibility in training is a key component to SLC’s ability to craft a course exclusive for your needs.  Be it strictly patrol issues, investigative concerns, jail issues, medical issues to any combination, SLC is ready for you.  SLC provides the course materials for each participant as a part of the overall training. Another benefit of SLC training is the class size.  Training is limited to 30 or less students.  Greater attention to detail can be placed on classes of 30 or less.  Please remember, SLC prides itself on the quality of training.  In addition to specific training issues, SLC provides cultural training as well.  It is crucial to understand specific Latino cultures including the family unit, celebrations and the dynamics of machismo.  Danger expressions, commands, weapons and perceptions of law enforcement are also discussed throughout all training courses.  Additionally, Patron Saints and symbols that are prayed to by drug users/trafficers and the underworld are also addressed.

   Throughout the course of training, the students are grouped to help facilitate total true life experiences.  Students, working as a team, create action scenarios to help them train, practice and continue their Spanish educational experience well beyond the classroom.  True hands on training scenarios have been proven to better train first responders.

     In all SLC Spanish courses, basic to advanced Spanish grammar is instructed, depending on the desire of the hosting agency.  Some of the areas covered by SLC are as follows:

Law Enforcement:

Low risk traffic stops to high risk encounters, such as gangs, domestics and felony stops
Robbery Investigations
Domestic Violence Investigations
Commercial Vehicle Stops
Drug Investigations
Consent Searches to Terry-Frisks
Apprehensions and Arrests
Miranda Rights
And many more topics

Jail/Prison Personnel:

Assault Investigations
Cell Search Investigations
Weapon Search and Identification
Drug Investigations
Gang Investigations
And many more topics


Crash Scene Investigation
House Fire Investigation
Commercial Investigation
Overdose Investigation
Assault Injury Investigation
Patient Transport
And many more topics

Narcotic/UC Application:

Interview and Interrogation
Points of Entry
Transportation Methodology
Gang Affiliation
Financial Aspects of Narcotics
And many more topics

Dispatcher/911 Personnel:

Ability to immediately ascertain type of call
Life saving questions pertaining to medical situations
Crash / Personal Injury/Commercial Injury
Fire / Water Accidents and more...

     Spanish Language Consultants is a professional language company with emphasis on first responders.  We are first responders teaching first responders.  We know what is needed on the job to succeed in this diverse language environment.  Don't wait until it is too late, call today and speak with one of our staff members about placing your agency onto our training calendar.